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Gacha Hell is a parody of the gacha gaming genre.

After an unfortunate accident, our protagonist finds himself in Hell.

Gacha Hell, to be specific.

Can you escape gacha hell?

Made for the IGMC: Rebirth Jam.


  • Gacha to get new characters, weapons, or cards, without throwing away your life savings!
  • Fully automatic battles, so you can play an actual gacha while playing this!
  • 15 different characters, more than half of which will probably be benched!
  • 87 different weapons, most of which will be powercrept by the 15 5-star weapons!
  • 62 different cards that you can equip to characters! Because cards totally are equipment.
  • Programmer art. Graphic design is my passion.


  • Arrow keys to navigate the menus
  • Z to confirm
  • X to cancel
  • F1 for help
  • Ctrl to skip text
  • Mouse over icons for more detailed information


Graphics: Avery, hiddenone, mon, RavenBlackbird, whtdragon, SkottyTV, Pexels, Pixabay, Skitterphoto

Animations: Particle Effect Pack for MV (Gotcha Gotcha Games Inc. /Y-pot CO., LTD.),  Wizards Pack (8 Elements) (Y-pot CO., LTD)

Sound & Music: YouFulca

Plugins: Astfgl66 (Pierre Mateo), Caethyril, DreamX, Felski, Galv, HimeWorks, MelosX, Mokusei Penguin, Mr. Trivel, ru_shalm, SumRndmDde, Victor Sant, waynee95, Yanfly

Made with RPG Maker MV


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Definitely a fun romp, incidently it feels like an actual gacha game but with better 5 Star pull rates.